Our Facilities

One of our SMT lines with place machine, 10-stage reflow oven and AOI

Our factories are fully equipped with automated EDM machinery and environmental-free facilities. Over the last 15 years, we have been continuously updating and upgrading our capability by expanding our equipments, facilities and areas of expertise to meet customers’ growing demands for a superior range of products in the latest technology.

Fully automated pick-and-place machine

There are two key areas of achievements that we are particularly proud of.

  • Efficiency: our innovation in production process and automation have substantially improved our productivity to keep our cost low.  We have managed to keep a steady pricing amid increasing labor and material cost, and raising exchange rate.

    RoHS compliant lead free wave over

    Our customers benefit from this in terms of strong competitiveness in prototyping and production cost.

  • Reliability: our employee training program, ISO/IPC standards conforming process, and state-of-the-art automated machinery contribute to our ever improving reliability.

Improvement on efficiency and reliability also help us maintain our on-time delivery promise.

Final assembly line with testing and packaging

Parts & components in feeder

Vacuum bubble wrap machine