MyRO ERP Version 3.0 Released

MyRO ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is our digital system which controls our entire work flow of your orders on PCB, PCBA, FPC, Stencil and components. This software system is essential to ensure our quality of service and timely delivery. The first version of MyRO ERP was launched back in 2002.

At MyRO, we constantly look for a more convenient, efficient way to service our customers’ needs. In the EpTech trade show in Toronto in April, a customer asked me,

“What’s the magic lead time which gives me the lowest price?”

Further conversation revealed that checking the price of different lead time is a pain in filling in the ordering form.

We listened and removed the “Lead Time” field, and provided a table of pricing based on 1~6 days of lead time. You can simply compare and choose the lead time which is right for you. It’s also one less field to fill in.

“Well then, what about lead time beyond 6 days?”

The pricing reflects the effort in completing a job in the specified lead time. Normally, we can schedule the work properly in our work queue within 6 days. However, when a large number of orders rush in in a short period, a 15 days lead time may have a better price.

We’d love to hear from you about how you like or hate the system. This will help us serve your better. If you have anything to say, please comment below.

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