FPC (Flexible Printed Circuits)

We provide one layer, 2 layer and 4 layer FPC on polyimide film. We offer very competitive pricing for small quality FPC orders. Typical pricing for a 2 layer FPC in multiple pieces with total area size less than 1 square meter is US$200. For example, if you order 200 pieces of 7x7cm (50 cm2 or 7.59in2) two layer FPC, the cost would be US$1 per piece.

Multi-layered rigid-flex PCB boards (a combination of flexible and rigid substrates laminated into a single package) can also be provided.

For detailed pricing, please use our quotation page.

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FPC flexible printed circuit

FPC Flexible printed circuit

Regid flexible FPC board

Hybrid regid and flexible FPC board

Regid flex pcbboard

Hybrid regid and flexible FPC board