PCB Assembly Services

We provide quick-turn prototype, low-volume and production PCB assembly with surface-mount (SMT), through-hole (THT) and mix components. We offer turn-key (just send us the Gerber and BOM files), consignment (you supply all parts) and various components purchase options to help you reduce cost and wait time. Our quick-turn prototyping service can assemble your boards within 24 hours. We can handle small quantity as well as volume productions. All our services are at a very competitive price and with 100% satisfaction guarantee.


We offer both Prototype and Production PCBA services. For Prototype, there is no limitation in quantity.  Reference pricing are based on the number of pins and component types.

  • $0.0125 per pin for SMD
  • $0.025 per pin for DIP, TH components.

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Lead Time

When all the parts and components are ready, the lead time can be as short as 24 hours. Weekend turn-around can be arranged. We can also provide just-in-time assembly to fill your supply pipeline.

Parts & Component Sourcing

To assemble your PCB board, we accept components and parts in the following three approaches.

  1. You supply the parts.
  2. We purchase on your behalf, from your specified distributors, such as Digi-Key, Mouser, Arrow, Future Electronics and others.
  3. Use our in-house component stock.

Components for your PCBA project can be supplied in any one or more approaches above. We order genuine parts from your designated suppliers or our partner companies including DigiKey, Mouser, Arrow, Avnet, Future Electronics, Bell Micro, Newark and TTI.

To help client obtain better pricing on volume, we offer free spare parts parking. We stock your spare parts free of charge for your future orders. We are in the process of developing a parts exchange program which allows clients to trade spare parts.

For better pricing and faster service, we also regularly maintain an in-house stock of 8000+ types of components from quality manufacturers. These include resistors (all type, size and value, complete stock), capacitors, diodes, transistors, LED, common IC and connectors.

Technical Capabilities

Supported Capabilities

Type of assembly
  • THD (Thru-hole device) / Conventional
  • SMT (Surface-mount technology)
  • SMT  & THD mixed
  • Double-sided SMT and/or THD assembly
Order quantity
  • 1 to 100,000
  • Passives, smallest size 0201
  • Fine pitch to 08 Mils
  • Leadless chip carriers/ BGA, VFBGA,  FPGA & DFN
  • Connectors and terminals
Component packaging
  • Reels
  • Cut tape
  • Tube
  • Loose parts
Board dimensions
  • Smallest size: 0.25” x 0.25”, 6mm x 6mm
  • Largest size: 15.75″ x 13.5″, 400mm x 340mm
Board shape
  • Rectangular
  • Round,
  • Slots,
  • Cutouts,
  • Complex,
  • Irregular
Board type
  • Rigid
  • Flexible
  • Rigid-flexible
Solder Type
  • Leaded and Lead-Free
  • Water soluble solder paste
  • Manual soldering for special parts, e.g. wires and temperature sensitive parts.
Design file format
  • Gerber RS-274X, 274D, Eagle and AutoCAD’s DXF, DWG
  • BOM (Bill of Materials)
  • Pick and Place file (XYRS)

Testing Procedures

MyRO technician performs AOI testing

We perform multiple quality assurance procedures before shipping out any board. These include:

  • Visual inspection,
  • X-ray Inspection,
  • AOI (Automated Optical Inspector),
  • ICT (in-circuit test), and
  • Functional test (test modules need to be supplied) .

Special Needs

We can also accommodate special requirements and new technologies.


Finished boards are packed in antistatic bag with unit-pack or multiple-pack box.

Product Gallery

BGA (Ball Grid Array) assembly

Double-sided SMT

Double-sided assembly with cables soldered directly to board

Double-sided soldering assembly

Device with soldered cable

X-Ray test image of an PCB assembly

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