MyRO Adds Another Portfolio Company

(Sept. 22, 2010, Ottawa, Canada) MyRO Electronic Control Devices Inc is pleased to announce that Chengdu XinPuTian Electronics LTD (XinPu PCB) has joined MyRO PCB.

XinPu PCB was founded over 10 years ago   It had been experiencing tremendous growth in the recent year and now employs over 100 people with a capacity of producing 10,000 square meters of PCB boards each month.  XinPu PCB is located in ShuanLiu town at the outskirt of ChengDu, Sichuang province, China. The area is a fertile ground to hi-tech device and equipment manufacturers.

MyRO PCB will take over the daily operation of XinPu PCB.  “The first step is to upgrade XingPu production process with MyRO’s advanced ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software.” states Robert Li, President of MyRO PCB. “This will greatly improve the efficiency of the order handling, raw material order, warehouse management and production process. It will allow us to produce prototype boards just like the volume production ones.”

Once XinPu PCB is upgraded to the latest digital management capability, MyRO PCB is planning to introduce the fastest prototype service under $100 on the Internet.  “PCB designers can complete they weekly design work, send us the design files before 9pm EST on Friday, and receive the prototype boards on their desk next Tuesday.” adds Robert Li.  The new fast PCB prototyping service is expected to be ready before the New Year.

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